The Game

Bingo is one of the most relaxing games you can play. Fortunately, there are numerous mobile games that allow you to participate in this activity. Bingo Bash, an Android game by GSN Games, is one of the most attractive, as it offers a variety of boards, as well as an exciting game full of unique bonuses and rewards.

Bingo Bash is a pretty simple game to catch even if you have never played bingo in your life before. When you begin, you are granted a large sum of “Bingo Chips”, which are used to buy one to four bingo cards. Once you buy, you will enter the next round (the rounds are live and in progress), which begins after a certain amount of bingo in the current round has been reached. Once inside, an announcer will randomly call columns and numbers, and if you have that combination of column and number in one of your cards, you can click on that space in the grid. Achieve any sequence of five grilled spaces in a row and win.

bingo bash the game

Immediately after entering the game, you will immediately see that Bingo Bash offers you a unique set of interesting tables. From a simple Sphinx board to Palm Islands, Canyons or Wheel of Fortune bingo, it has a plethora of boards to choose from. However, in the beginning, you will only be able to work with some, something that is understandable if you take into contemplation the fact that this bingo game comes with its levelling system.

Yes, every time you play Bingo Bash and win/lose you will receive a certain amount of XP that will accumulate on time and help you level up. Many boards have level restrictions, so playing often has its rewards. As you level up, you can visit different cities. Although these do not seem to change much, apart from visual aesthetics, each one comes with its own set of collectable items. For each property, additional daily rewards increase, such as your daily bonus of bingo chips.

Bingo Bash has a new themed room after the # 1 Game Show of the United States – Wheel of Fortune. Now you can play the game of Bingo # 1 on the famous stage of the Wheel of Fortune. Get the chance to win bonuses with the Wheel of Fortune minigame Spin To Win. Personally, I tried it in the Wheel of Fortune room, and it is more challenging than the others. Do you have what it takes to qualify a bingo and get your well-deserved payment?

Bingo Bash also comes with its coin in the game, two in fact, which are bingo balls and money. These can be used to acquire new cards or bonuses within the game that will allow you to capture bonuses quickly.

Suffice to say that the complaints you have with Bingo Bash are decidedly minor. It’s simple to use, and with the ability to earn rewards and pick up items (which in turn improves rewards even more), even when lost, is a great recipe for an addictive game. Every action taken seems to have a benefit of some kind, and it is rewarding to play. All that in mind, if you’re looking for a simple game style outside of Texas Hold’em, then Bingo Bash is worth it.

Bingo Bash is a very fun and simple bingo game that offers you rewards in different ways that add something to the game experience and make it fun to play.